Name: Diamond
Price: 50.00 USD

== PERKS ==

  • All perks of lower-tiered donator ranks
  • Pet(s)
    • Parrot
    • Cat (Tamed Ocelot - More cosmetic variations)
    • Turtle
    • Iron Golem
    • Panda
  • Limited Edition Perk: Priority is given for province applications (New purchases only!)
    • This perk is no longer offered to new Diamond+ donators.
  • /nick
    • Colour code use permitted. However, formatting (&l &k) is not permitted.

Note: Use /pet gui ingame to open up the menu. You can then click from one of the pets you have available. Once a pet is spawned. You can right-click it to open a menu and change cosmetics of the pet such as variation or adult/baby, etc.