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Welcome to the Official Patriam Webstore! 

Purchase Suffixes, or Ranks with Non-Pay-to-Win perks!

If you got lost and need to get back to our portal. Here is the link to get back,

Take advantage of our 25% sale today and support Patriam!

Get priority province applications with a limited-time offer for Diamond and Emerald donators!

If you have purchased a rank or wanting to, you can claim your Discord role after payments in one of two ways:

1) Automatically using Discord login on checkout.

In this way, click "Login with Discord" on checkout, authenticate with our application (the only access we need to your player's Discord accounts is "identity" so we get their ID, display name, and avatar.

From there, the Discord bot will give the role automatically within one minute on the server. Nothing else is required.

2) Claim command (old method)

With the claim method, the user will have to do /claimroles [TOKEN] on your Discord server. You will get this "TOKEN" by email within the receipt email. This is the legacy method that was used before the first option was possible. If the user does not click login with Discord, or if the box is not enabled in your template, then this method will be used.

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